Why the hidden handle pull become more and more popular?

In the past few years, the cabinetry design has gone through a evolution because of the trendy minimalist. Many designer will keep a kitchen as tidy as possible. When it comes to the selection of cabinet hardware, especially the cabinet handle pull, more and more customer will consider the invisible handle pull. 

Hidden pull is featured a minimalist look appropriate for kitchen cabinet, wardrobe door, meanwhile, its safe edge design prevents from hurting by the handle bar.

The black and satin gold color are the most trendy choice for the hidden handle pull as well, the size differ from 80mm, 150mm to 200mm.


And this hidden edge pull is one of the most popular one which usually fit for the below-counter drawers and cabinets, the effect of installation is just what the minimallist needs. Moreover, this invisible edge pull has a great advantage of easy grasp when comparing to the completely invisible handle pull ( Push latches). This is the most proper invisible handle pull we recommended at the moments.

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